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Bumwash delivers Peace of Mind for Every Bathroom Visit

Our bidet products offer a completely stress-free luxury hygiene solution for every bathroom

Why Bumwash?

Upgrading your personal hygiene and routine hassle-free

Helping you save money and the environment

Providing you with extensive bathroom support in your journey

Bumwash Saves You & the Planet Every Visit
Bumwash will save you
+ $100

Bumwash also helps you save the planet 馃尦馃寧馃尦

Featured Products

Bumwash Pro Bidet Spray Set - Black

Bumwash Pro Bidet Spray Set is the perfect answer when you need those extra intimate bathroom cleaning duties. Or you want to finally flush the toilet roll.

Bumwash Pro Bidet Spray Set - Chrome

Bumwash Pro Bidet Spray Set - Gold

Bumwash Lite Bidet Spray Set

Bumwash Pro Dual Mode Bidet Spray Set

Bumwash's Revolutionary Cleanse

Transform Your Toilet Time with a Splash of Hygiene.

Dive into a world where cleanliness meets simplicity, all at the press of a button.

Welcome to the future of bathroom hygiene, welcome to the Bumwash experience.

Bottom-Line Protection

Our Stress-Free Service and Support Promise Providing Peace of Mind and a Cleaner Bottom

What is Bumcare?

Bumcare is a simple solution for supporting you with your Bumwash product.

What does Bumcare cover?

Bumcare provides you with an extended 24 month warranty on Bidet sets.

What does Bumcare NOT cover?

We mostly got you covered, however refer to our in-depth Bumcare page for specifics.

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