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Who are we?

Bumwash is an innovative bidet design company that was set up to deliver quality bathroom hygiene for everyone, alongside sustainability and waste reduction.

Oh, and also offer a squeaky clean bum.

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The Inspiration

Our story started when we felt there was a need for premium bidet products that address the sometimes embarrassing issue of self-cleaning once you've visited the bathroom.

We don't beat around the bush as our product's primary focus is to clean your bum after going to the toilet. And that's it.

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The Promise

Our promise to you is to deliver on quality, to give you first-class products that sit way above the competition that is affordable for everyone.

And a focus on giving you the best customer experience possible, accessible for all walks of life.

And of course, a polished posterior that you could eat your dinner off. Suppose you're into that sort of thing.

woman sitting on toilet

The Mission

We felt that we needed to create products that worked for everyone.

So whether you need a helping hand due to age or mobility restrictions, or you're just obsessively into cleaning your bottom (We don't judge).

Our Bumwash products will ensure that you keep your tush tidy and your cheeks in check.


Underlining all our goals is to deliver a sustainable and tree-loving lavatory experience where toilet paper is finally flushed for the last time, and bidet products take precedence in every bathroom. And the outcome is the greenest, cleanest bottom in the neighborhood.

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