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15 Reasons Why People Love Bidets in 2024

26 March 2024 · JOHN PHUNG · 10 min read
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    In the '70s and '80s, bidets were all the rage, but nowadays, spotting one in Australia is like finding a needle in a haystack. Yet, overseas, they're as common as Vegemite at breakfast, especially in Europe. Italy takes the cake, though, with 97% of households having at least one bidet. It's like a bidet bonanza over there. Despite their rarity Down Under, bidets are making a comeback, and for good reason. 

    In a world where we're all about saving a buck, taking care of ourselves, and being eco-friendly, bidets are the unsung heroes. They're like the Swiss Army knives of the bathroom. Let's dive into why you should hop on the bidet bandwagon in 2024 and why people love them.

    Feel Cleaner with a Bidet

    Using the bathroom can be a bit untidy. Unless you're keen on taking a shower after every visit (which, frankly, isn't very convenient), achieving a truly clean feeling seems elusive. Enter the bidet, swooping in like a superhero to the rescue. After utilizing it, you'll experience a level of freshness that lasts for hours. It's akin to having a personal guardian angel of hygiene. So, confidently embrace your day, assured that you've attended to your necessities and emerged impeccably clean internally and externally.

    Significant Benefits for Seniors and Those with Limited Mobility

    When you or someone close to you encounters difficulty reaching certain areas, whether due to a minor setback, advancing age, or a temporary mobility issue. This is where bidets step in as champions of cleanliness. Picture the relief of not struggling to reach awkward angles or worrying about thoroughness. It's like having a personal aide for your hygiene requirements. Dealing with the discomfort of feeling anything less than fresh is nobody's idea of a good time, especially when a bidet stands ready to provide assistance – or a refreshing spray, to be precise. That’s why bidets offer significant benefits for older adults and those with limited mobility.

    Bidets Add a Touch of Charm to Your Bathroom Décor

    It's not just about enhancing the bathroom's aesthetics; it's about giving the toilet a practical upgrade. But here's the catch: only a few realize that installing a bidet can actually increase their home's resale value. Yes, it's true. It's like installing a luxurious fixture but with added functionality. So, when pondering whether to invest in that deluxe bidet toilet combo, they should view it as a wise enhancement to their beloved abode.

    Kinder to Sensitive Skin

    If you frequently deal with irritating rashes or hemorrhoids, it might be worth considering swapping out rough toilet paper for a bidet. Trust me, it's like giving your backside a soothing spa treatment. Imagine warm water delicately washing away your discomfort – now, that's true comfort. And here's the bonus: not only does it leave you feeling refreshed, but it also helps reduce the likelihood of developing skin issues in the first place. It's like having a personalized skincare routine but for your bottom.

    Bidets save water

    A staggering 37 gallons of water are required to produce just one roll of toilet paper, while a bidet utilizes a mere 1/8 of a gallon per use. This stark difference highlights the bidet's role as a water-saving hero. When contemplating the environmental impact of bathroom habits, it's worth noting that while often overlooked, bidets are at the forefront of eco-friendly practices, making a positive impact one spray at a time.

    Bidet's Are Space Savers

    In the past, bidets used to be standalone units in the bathroom. But times have changed. Nowadays, convenience is vital. Most bidets can easily attach to your regular toilet, acting like a reliable sidekick. And here's the thing: when you're finished with your bidet experience, you can simply detach it without hassle. So, don't worry, dear homeowner – there's no need for a major bathroom overhaul. Your bidet can seamlessly blend in as if it always belonged there. Bidets are the space-saving solution you've been looking for.

    A Helping Hand for Sensitive Skin and Bottom-Related Health Issues

    Let's address a common discomfort: hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Using rough toilet paper in such situations can exacerbate the issue. It's hardly an ideal solution. Over-wiping with toilet paper can lead to further irritation, which is definitely not what anyone wants. However, bidets offer a gentle alternative. Instead of abrasive paper, imagine a soothing water spray providing comfort to your bum. It's like having a mini spa experience right in your bathroom. So, when you're experiencing discomfort down there, remember: bidets offer relief and healing, one gentle spray at a time.

    More Hygienic Than Toilet Paper

    Bidets are unquestionably cleaner than using paper. Consider this: when one's hands get dirty, they don't simply wipe them with a tissue and move on. Instead, they wash them thoroughly with soap and water. So why should the backside be treated any differently? It's a matter of common sense. Bidets leave individuals feeling cleaner because, quite simply, they are cleaner. No more taking chances with dirty hands and toilet paper – bidets handle the task without mess. It's akin to having a personal hygiene assistant right in the bathroom. So, it might be time to say goodbye to toilet paper.

    Bidets Aid Constipation Relief

    Some premium bidets include a convenient enema wash feature. Imagine a gentle stream of water targeting your lower region, softening stool and aiding nature. It's akin to having a personal assistant for bathroom needs. Compared to alternatives like anal suppositories and prune juice milkshakes, the choice is clear. So, when feeling backed up, remember: bidets are here to assist with constipation, one gentle spray at a time.

    Save Money and Trees Plus, You'll Use Less Toilet Paper

    Remember when there was a frenzy over toilet paper in 2020? Did you know Americans consume a staggering 7 billion toilet paper rolls yearly? That's equivalent to a whole forest. But fret not because bidets offer a solution. With a bidet, you can significantly reduce your toilet paper usage by 75% or more. Some advanced models even feature air-drying capabilities. Say goodbye to wasting money on toilet paper and hello to a cleaner, more eco-friendly future with a bidet by your side.

    Reduces Risk of Suffering from an Infection

    Discussing the discomforts of urinary tract infections is never pleasant. Dealing with them is like having root canal surgery – not exactly enjoyable. However, bidets offer a solution. By thoroughly cleaning your nether regions, bidets help combat these troublesome infections. It's akin to having a personal defense against bacteria. So, when experiencing discomfort in that area, remember: bidets offer relief and peace of mind, one gentle spray at a time.

    Provides Ultimate Comfort

    Nobody enjoys sitting on a freezing cold toilet seat in the middle of the night. Well, bidet toilet seats offer a solution. Features like warm water, air drying, and automatic lid opening provide unmatched comfort. It's akin to having a personal spa right in your bathroom. Plus, with self-cleaning features, you can say goodbye to scrubbing duties – a true luxury. So, when nature calls during those late hours, remember: bidet toilet seats provide a royal bathroom experience, one warm spray at a time.

    Some Come with High-Tech Features

    Bidets are versatile, like Swiss Army knives, packed with various features. Think of massaging jets, powerful deodorizers, and heated seats. It's similar to having your own personal spa every time you use the bathroom – a touch of luxury. With these advanced features, you'll remain clean and comfortable throughout. It's like having a premium experience in the bathroom. So, when considering the switch, remember: bidets offer more than just cleanliness – they enhance your bathroom experience.

    Reduces Risk of an Infection

    The challenges of urinary tract infections are discomforting issues. Dealing with them is no picnic. However, bidets offer a solution. By thoroughly cleaning your nether regions, bidets help combat these troublesome infections. It's akin to having a personal defense against bacteria. So, when experiencing discomfort in that area, remember: bidets offer relief and peace of mind, one gentle spray at a time.

    Prevent Clogs in Your Toilet System

    By making the switch, you can significantly reduce your toilet paper usage by 75% or more. It's surprising how effective a simple spray can be. But here's the reality: bidets aren't just solving your toilet paper problems—they're also preventing potential plumbing issues. By cutting back on toilet paper, you're giving your plumbing a much-needed break. No more frantic calls to the plumber or dreaded toilet overflows—bidets to the rescue.

    Shop Bumwash Bidets

    Whatever the reason you decide to invest in a bidet, Bumwash bidets will always have your back. With our Bumwash handheld spray range, your bum will be in safe hands. Plus, we've got some exciting new products on the horizon that'll not only clean your rear like a boss but will also innovate your bathroom to new heights.

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