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Bidet Basics: And How to Spot One in the Wild

4 August 2023 · JOHN PHUNG · 8 min read
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    Bidet Basics: And How to Spot One in the Wild

    You've come to the right place for those oblivious to what a bidet is or does. This article will give you the knowledge to enter a bathroom confidently and clearly point to what you thought was a foot washer, magic sink, or mini-shower, and announce with gusto, "That is for washing my bum (and lady parts)." You may have used a bidet before, spraying and flooding the bathroom at a date's house. Or even worse, your partner's parents.

    What Is a Bidet?

    Bidets come in various guises. Some are separate entities, some are toilet seat bidets with magic buttons, and some are spray hose bidets connected to your toilet or wall–a little like a mini-shower for your bottom. And that's what a bidet does; it removes the need to wipe with toilet paper and uses water to hygienically clean the undercarriage area for both lady areas and bottoms alike.

    Bidets are considered an invention of the French and have been around for nearly 400 years. With the first written reference to a bidet coming from Italy in 1726. Bidè! Many countries use them indefinitely in parts of Europe, South-East Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East, especially in Catholic and Muslim countries. 

    The rest of the world is also catching up. Plus, as the world enters a greener era (hopefully), the sustainability of using toilet paper could be better. A lot better. Each of us uses around 85 rolls a year. So we need to access different ways to clean bums. With that in mind, more households are being built with a bidet installed. Or you can get yourself an aftermarket one that you can install yourself.

    What Does a Bidet Do?

    As we said, the bidet's clean bottoms and other unreachable areas. They spray a gentle stream of water onto your desired down under-area to clean the mess simply and efficiently. So you leave the bathroom with a completely squeaky clean behind. They can be adjusted so that the spray is perfect for your requirements. A light spray after a lady wee or something a little more virtuous for last night's curry and beers. There is no beating around the bush on this. It mainly removes poo. Very well, in fact. So that even in the most difficult of toilet situations, life is good.

    Bidets are also particularly good for those of you with physical impairments. So, whether you're recovering from a broken leg or at a time in your life when it gets a little tricky to reach around (or forward), a bidet will bring confidence and normality to your day. It's a small positive but it'll make a massive difference to your physical and mental well-being.

    What Are the Different Types of Bidets?

    There are four main types of Bidets that you'll most commonly see.

    Porclien-Style Bidet

    Traditional bidets are the ones you saw in the '80s and '90s. The porcelain European-style ones look like a foot sink (it's not), and you would squat over it. You'll probably see one at your friend's mum and dad's house and wash your face or feet. Regret that now do we? 

    Toilet Seat Bidet

    Then there are more common toilet seat bidets made famous by the Japanese in the 80s, with a fixed bidet sprayer. 

    Handheld Spray Bidet

    We then have the handheld bidet, which is like a shower hose. These are a flexible, effective, and relatively low-budget solution for giving your undercarriage down- under an excellent ole clean. 

    Smart Integrated Toilet Bidet

    And finally, at the higher end of the market, with all the singing and dancing, bells and whistles, we have integrated toilet bidets.

    How Do Bidets Work?

    Depending on which bidet you have depends on how they work. All bidets work slightly differently, and some will be better to suit your needs than others.

    Handheld Bidet

    Handheld bidets are becoming more popular due to their flexibility over the other two types. Like a garden hose or kitchen sprayer, the handheld bidet (a bidet shower or shatter) uses controlled water pressure to spray your butt clean. It can be aimed by yourself at the areas you need to get to. As we all come in different shapes and sizes, it works well for those who need to maneuver the spray to the desired areas. They can be installed in existing toilets if you're handy with an adjustable spanner. Or, if not, a plumber can easily install one for you. And you can get them in different finishes to match your bathroom furniture.

    Bidet Toilet Seat

    Bidet toilet seats have been around longer than you think. With the first design arriving way back in the 1960s, invented by Mr. Arnold Cohen, Japan soon adopted it in the 1980s, becoming a feature in 80% of households. A few switches electronically control the modern ones, and you don't have to stand up as the water sprays your under-parts. Your rear end can be cleaned in style with a few button presses.

    Porclien-Type Bidet

    Commonly found in Europe, mainly France in the 80s and 90s, was the separate porcelain-style bidet one that looks like a foot sink (it's not). You would straddle over it like you were riding a porcelain-shaped bidet horse. It does work, but it could be more practical.

    Integrated Smart Toilet Bidet

    For those of you that love technology. And the technology that cleans your bottom, you can buy toilets with built-in bidets. These wonderous bum-washers will get your butt cleaned and dried in seconds.

    Bidet Budgets: The Cost of a Bidet

    The prices of bidets vary greatly, ranging from under a hundred dollars to several thousand, covering a broad bidet spectrum. You can discover versatile handheld bidet sprays like our Bumwash range at the more budget-friendly end of the range. In comparison, computer-controlled integrated bidet toilets at the higher end can reach prices in the thousands of dollars.

    • The traditional porcelain European-style ones can be costly, and not just for the bidet. Alongside the bidet purchase, you've got to consider that most bathrooms don't have separate plumbing or space to install a separate bidet. 
    • Toilet seat bidets are an excellent choice. However, they can be costly. The typical cost of a toilet bidet would be around $300 for an entry-level model up to $2500 and beyond! And with all the buttons, it can confuse those older toilet users.
    • Those of you need a bidet that works incredibly well and doesn't break the bank. You should look at a handheld bidet. Starting from $XX and easy to install, the handheld bidet is a low-cost solution that amazingly cleans your bum. You can check out Bumwash handheld bidets here.
    • Integrated smart toilet bidets are fantastic but incredibly expensive. Expect to pay from $1000 upwards. 

    Spray, Seat, Integrated or Separate: Which Bidet is For Me?

    Porclien bidets are fine if you have the space and plumbing, but this must be updated if you want one of those. Toilet seat bidet systems work fantastically, but not everyone can afford such a luxury. Handheld bidets offer a delicate balance of budget, practicality, and butt-cleaning perfection, ideal for the everyday bathroom user.

    At Bumwash, we create a range of fantastic bidet products to suit every budget and style of bathroom. The handheld bidet sprayers offer an utterly stress-free luxury hygiene solution for every bathroom. Ideal for those of you that need the flexibility and comfort of a portable spray system. Whether you're recovering from an injury, disabled or elderly.

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