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Can a bidet save you money?

8 November 2023 · JOHN PHUNG · 10 min read
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    Why Use a Bidet in the First Place

    Let’s talk about a game-changer for your bathroom routine - the trusty bidet. Forget the all-too-common horror of reaching for a new roll only to find an empty spindle. A bidet provides a reliable and refreshing alternative.

    This isn't just about avoiding awkward moments; it's about embracing a superior clean that traditional toilet paper can’t match. Bidets offer a precision clean that leaves you feeling refreshed and confident, without the risk of plumbing disasters from overzealous paper use.

    Switching to a bidet isn’t just a smart hygiene move; it’s a smart financial decision too, especially for larger families. Reducing your reliance on toilet paper can add up to significant savings over time. And let’s be honest, there's something satisfying about a bathroom experience that leaves you feeling pampered and pristine with every use.

    Incorporating a bidet into your home means you'll learn the fine art of toilet paper conservation, a skill that keeps on giving both in terms of saving trees and trimming down your shopping bills. It's a simple switch with complex benefits: save money, save paper, and save the environment, one spray at a time.

    Different Types of Bidet and Price Range

    Handheld Sprayers: These nifty gadgets are a hit in developing nations, thanks to their affordability and versatility. They're not just for keeping your backside gleaming; they double as a shower attachment or a trusty tool in a camper van. With a hose setup, you're free to spritz pets, kiddos, or even a muddy pair of jeans. Prices for entry budget models start at a modest 40 AUD (about 30 USD), with premium models reaching up to 90 AUD (roughly 65 USD).

     Pros Cons
    Cost-effective: Won't break the bank and gives you a good bang for your buck.
    Versatile: It’s not just for bums; pets, potties, and muddy boots—spray away! Full control: You're the pilot, steering the spray exactly where you need it.
    A bit of a juggle: It takes a hand or two, so not the best for those with mobility issues.
    Splash potential: Get your aim wrong, and you might have a wet bathroom situation.

    Toilet Bidet Attachments: Consider these the next step in your bathroom's evolution. For a bit more cash and less manual dexterity, you get a fixed-position spray that's a breeze for anyone to use. Ideal for those with mobility concerns or who simply prefer a straightforward approach, these attachments range from 100 AUD (about 70 USD) to 150 AUD (approximately 110 USD). They're a smart pick for the savings-savvy.

    Pros: Cons:
    Easy install: No need to call in the pros, just some DIY and you're set.
    Hands-free: Turn the dial, and you're on your way to a clean getaway.
    Less flexible: You can't move it around, so you're at the mercy of the spray. Narrow spray: It might take a bit of shifting to get full coverage.

    Bidet Toilet Seats: These are the crowns of thrones, swapping out your standard seat for a feature-packed upgrade. Think warm water, adjustable nozzles, and a touch of luxury for your tush, all starting at 300 AUD (around 215 USD). It's less about pinching pennies and more about solving life’s little problems. Perfect for the elderly, expectant mums, those recovering from injuries, or anyone who finds traditional wiping a pain in the behind.

    Pros: Cons:
    Comfort central: Warm water, adjustable nozzles, and a seat that heats up? Yes, please!
    User-friendly: Great for the elderly, the pregnant, and the just plain tired.
    Pricier: You're paying for luxury, so it's more of an investment.
    Complex install: Might need a bit more than a screwdriver for this setup.

    Smart Bidet Toilets: The crème de la crème of toilet technology requiring professional installation, these complete systems boast a plethora of features like temperature control, heated seats, and surprising advanced features. Starting at a cool 1000 AUD (approximately 715 USD), they're for those who seek the finer things in life. They may not save your wallet, but they'll certainly enrich your bathroom experience.

    Pros: Cons:
    Feature-packed: Temperature control, Bluetooth, and more—like a smartphone for your behind.
    The pinnacle of clean: You'll be living the hygienic high life.
    Wallet hit: This is top-tier pricing, so it's more splurge than save.
    Professional install: Best to get a plumber on board for this one.

    Choice of Bidet: What's Your Bottom Line?

    Choosing a bidet is a personal journey, one that's influenced by your needs, space, and whether you're flipping through a home decor mag in your own abode or browsing rental listings. But it's not just about the practicalities; it's about your endgame. Are you aiming to save some coin and keep things squeaky clean? Do you need a helping hand for mobility challenges, or are you on the hunt for the Rolls Royce of rear-end refreshment?

    Here's the lowdown:

    Financially Minded & Hygiene Focused: If you're balancing the budget books while aiming for that spotless clean, the handheld bidet and bidet seat attachments are your wallet-friendly hygiene heroes. They're the go-to for a cost-effective, clean sweep.

    Mobility Considerations: When reaching and swiping becomes a stretch, a bidet seat attachment or toilet bidet seat steps in as the hands-free, dignity-preserving sidekick. It's about independence and comfort merged into one.

    Quest for Comfort: If it's about treating your tush to the finer things in life, the bidet toilet seat and the smart bidet toilet are the thrones to beat. Think of them as the VIP lounge for your lower half, complete with all the luxury features you didn't know you needed until now.

    When it comes to space, a bidet sprayer is your compact companion, perfect for the snug bathroom spaces. A bit more room opens the door to bidet seat attachments, bringing a little more luxury without needing a royal chamber. And for those with space to spare, the smart bidet toilet is the pièce de résistance, turning your bathroom into a sanctuary of smart tech and supreme comfort.

    Ownership seals the deal. Homeowners have the freedom to renovate their restroom to their heart's content, while renters might need to stick to the non-invasive bidet sprayer or a reversible bidet seat attachment. After all, it's about making the space your own, without forfeiting the security deposit.

    So, whether you're a frugal financier, a seeker of ease, or a comfort connoisseur, there's a bidet that fits your life, your space, and your bum like a glove.

    Cost Analysis of Bidet Usage vs Toilet Paper

    Let's talk numbers, shall we?

    To examine the cost benefits of using a bidet vs toilet paper, we have broken down the calculations to determine 

    • Annual of cost of toilet papers used per person,
    • Annual cost of toilet papers used by an average household
    • Annual water usage cost of a bidet
    • Savings comparison between bidet and toilet paper usage
    • Savings considering the bidet cost

    Toilet Paper Used by the Average Person

    The amount of toilet paper used average Jane or Joe can vary significantly depending on the type of household, personal habits, and social economical background. For the sake of simplicity we have made a few assumptions on this matter.

    • Average amount of toilet sheets used per toilet visit: 10
    • Average number of times a person visits the toilet: 3
    • Amount of toilet sheets used for 1 person: 10*3 = 30

      Toilet Paper Used by an Average Household

      People in an average household: 3
      Toilet sheets per toilet roll = 150

      The Annual Cost of Toilet Paper Usage for a Household

       Country Cost of Toilet Paper / Year for Household
      US Total number of toilet sheets used per household * 365 days * (1 / average toilet sheets per toilet roll)
      Total number of toilet rolls /year = 90*365*(1/150) = 231 rolls a year
      Total toilet roll cost = 231*(24.04/30) = $180.00
      Australia Total toilet roll cost = 231*(10.5/20) = $121.00
      Europe Total toilet roll cost = 231*(2.47/4) = €142.00


      Annual Cost of Water used by a Bidet

       Country Cost of Water Usage from Bidet / Year


      Water usage for using a bidet once = 0.125 gallons or 0.5 litres
      Cost per gallon = $0.02
      Average toilet visits a day = 3
      Average people in household = 3
      Total water usage / year = 3*3*0.125*365 = 410 Gallons or 1552 Litres
      Total yearly water cost = 410*0.02 = $8.20


      Cost per litre = $0.002
      Total yearly water cost = 1552*0.002 = $3.10
      Europe Cost per litre = €0.004
      Total year water cost = 1552*0.004 = €6.20

      Savings Comparison between Bidet and Toilet Paper Rolls

      Country Savings from using a Bidet / Year
      US Save up to $172
      Australia Pocket an extra $118
      Europe Keep €136 in your savings

      Let's break it down: While the annual savings might not seem monumental, they're definitely not pocket change either. Consider this—using a bidet isn't just about cutting costs. It's about the confidence of never facing an empty holder in your moment of need, the unparalleled cleanliness that becomes a part of your daily routine, and the assurance that you've got your family's back (side) during sickness or health.

      We haven't factored in the initial investment for the bidet, but a quick glance at the numbers shows a clear trajectory towards economic efficiency. Some bidet models are certainly more about luxury than savings, but a thoughtful choice can lead to significant long-term benefits.

      So, there it is—a straightforward, no-frills assessment of how switching to a bidet might just be the financially savvy move you're looking for. The initial cost might require some budgeting, but the long-term savings and environmental impact are undeniable. It's a smart choice for a cleaner future—and a happier wallet.

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