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Bidet Hygiene: Unveiling the Personal Health Benefits of Bidets

4 November 2023 · JOHN PHUNG · 10 min read
    Bidet Hygiene
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    Ever wondered about stepping up your bathroom hygiene game?

    Enter the bidet: your personal hygiene champion that goes beyond the superficial clean of toilet paper, diving into a realm of thorough cleanliness. As we all inch towards making choices that benefit our health and the public health, bidets are emerging as a bathroom staple, offering a plethora of health benefits while ensuring that fresh feeling every time. Ready to unveil the health rewards waiting at the gentle spray of a bidet? Let’s dive in and also address some murmurs of concern from the skeptics.

    A Fresh Take on Cleanliness:

    Bidets, especially bidet toilets and bidet attachments, champion a level of cleanliness that's a notch above the rest. Unlike toilet paper that may just smear things around, bidets use a gentle stream of water to wash away unwanted remnants and bacteria, leaving you feeling shower-fresh after every visit to the loo. This is particularly comforting during menstruation or other instances when you’d prefer an extra dash of cleanliness. Moreover, using a bidet means less toilet paper is needed, which is a step towards sustainability.

    bidet use before and after

    Shield Against Infections:

    Stepping into the realm of impeccable hygiene, bidet toilets and bidet attachments play a vital role in fortifying your defenses against a medley of infections. By employing a gentle, yet thorough, cleansing action, they swish away unwelcome bacteria, thereby reducing the likelihood of infections such as Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and other genital-related infections.

    Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are a common nemesis, especially among women. They are often a result of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria making their way into the urinary tract. By providing a thorough clean, bidets can swoosh away these bacteria before they become unwanted guests, thereby playing a part in reducing the occurrence of UTIs. A study published in the Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing highlighted a notable decline in UTI occurrences among individuals following bidet use. This showcases the bidet's role as a proactive shield against such infections.

    bidet hygiene protection

    Hemorrhoid Relief:

    The tender touch of water from bidets can be a solace for those grappling with hemorrhoids. Unlike the harsh rub of toilet paper, the gentle rinse provides relief from irritation and discomfort, making bidets a worthy ally in hemorrhoid management. The comfort of a warm water bidet toilet can be a game changer for individuals dealing with this painful condition.

    Support for the Mobility-Challenged:

    Bidets, particularly bidet toilet seats, are a blessing for the elderly or those with mobility issues. They streamline the cleaning process, reducing the physical hassle involved in maintaining personal hygiene. By eliminating the need for twisting and reaching, bidets make bathroom visits a less daunting task for individuals with mobility challenges.

    The intuitive design and user-friendly controls, often available through a handy remote, make the bidet experience accessible and straightforward, promoting independence and dignity in personal care. The bidet's ease of use brings a level of self-sufficiency that is both empowering and comforting for those who may struggle with traditional toilet paper use.

    elderly woman sitting on toilet

    For an in-depth exploration of how bidets can be a substantial support for individuals with mobility challenges, you may want to read our article, "Bidet and Your Health: Bidet Assistance for the Elderly and Those with Mobility Challenges." This article delves deeper into the myriad ways bidets enhance the bathroom experience for the elderly and those with mobility issues, making a strong case for the integration of bidet toilets or bidet attachments in homes where enhanced accessibility and ease of use are paramount. Through the gentle spray of a bidet, many find a pathway to enhanced comfort, hygiene, and independence in their daily routine.

    Genital Hygiene for Women:

    Bidet toilets and bidet attachments extend beyond the call of mere cleanliness; they delve into the realm of promoting better genital hygiene for women, catering to unique feminine needs. Their gentle spray of water provides a refreshing cleanse, which is especially comforting during certain times such as menstruation, post-coitus, or postpartum periods.

    During menstruation, a bidet can be a woman's best ally. The gentle stream of water helps in washing away blood and tissue effectively, leaving a sparkling clean feeling that toilet paper alone cannot achieve. It not only aids in maintaining a fresh feeling but also helps in reducing the risk of potential infections by ensuring thorough cleanliness.

    asian woman thumbs up for bidet

    After sexual intercourse, a bidet can be used for a quick and thorough clean-up. It helps in washing away any lingering bacteria and semen, which could potentially lead to infections if not cleaned properly. This aspect of bidet toilet use can be a boon in preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs) which can sometimes be triggered by sexual activity.

    The postpartum period is a delicate time for new mothers. With the body healing from childbirth, maintaining genital hygiene is crucial to prevent infections. The tender touch of water from a bidet can be far less abrasive and more comforting than toilet paper, particularly when dealing with stitches or soreness post-delivery.

    Furthermore, bidets can also be a favorable choice for high-risk pregnant women who might find reaching and wiping difficult as their pregnancy progresses. The ease and efficiency of a bidet can significantly enhance the toilet experience during this pivotal time.

    Soothing Skin:

    Bidets are not just about maintaining a pristine hygiene level; they are about catering to your skin's comfort too. When it comes to those challenging days of an upset stomach or diarrhoea, the continual wiping with toilet paper can feel like sandpaper grazing your skin. It’s during these times that a bidet can feel like a godsend. The gentle stream of water from a bidet doesn't just clean efficiently; it soothes the irritated skin, providing a comforting relief that toilet paper can never match.

    The need to wipe multiple times a day, especially during such distressing gut times, can leave the skin around the anal area sore, red, and uncomfortable. Here, the bidet steps in as a gentle knight, washing away the discomfort with a tender stream of water. The bidet's water stream, especially from warm water bidet toilets, can be like a balm on irritated skin, providing instant relief.

    Furthermore, for individuals with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema or psoriasis, every toilet visit can be a dreaded experience due to the abrasive nature of toilet paper. However, the bidet changes this narrative, replacing the harsh rub with a gentle spray, making the bathroom experience less of a chore and more of a relief.

    Points of Caution:

    1. Vaginal Flora Balance:

    There's some chatter in the health community about the potential of bidets disrupting the normal vaginal flora. Though the evidence isn’t rock solid, it’s a point worth considering, especially for excessive bidet users.

    1. Keep it Clean:

    Like any other bathroom fixture, bidets need regular cleaning to keep bacterial contamination at bay. A neglected bidet can harbor bacteria, which defies the whole purpose of enhanced hygiene. Ensuring your bidet, whether it's a stand alone bidet or bidet attachment, remains sparkling clean is crucial.

    1. Gentle Use:

    It’s all fun and games until the pressure setting on the bidet is cranked up too high. Overuse or high-pressure settings can cause discomfort or even minor injuries. It's wise to stick to gentle settings and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for a safe and comfortable bidet experience.


    Bidets are more than just a fancy toilet accessory. They are a pathway to enhanced personal hygiene, comfort, and a touch of eco-friendliness in our daily routines. While there are a few cautionary tales, with the right usage and regular upkeep, bidets could be the unsung hero in our quest for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. So, the next time you spot a bidet, whether it's a travel bidet or a bidet toilet seat, you know it's more than just a modern-day bathroom novelty. Bidets are indeed a significant step towards a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and a positive environmental impact, especially during times of toilet paper shortages.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    How hygienic is a bidet?

    Bidets, whether they are standalone bidet toilets or bidet attachments, aim to improve your personal hygiene. They use water to clean, which can be more effective and gentler than toilet paper. Plus, using a bidet reduces the amount of toilet paper you use, which is better for the environment.

    Do you still have to wipe after using a bidet?

    Although bidets do a good job cleaning, it's common to pat dry with a bit of toilet paper or a towel after using one to get rid of any leftover moisture and feel completely dry.

    Are bidets sanitary for females?

    Yes. Bidets can be especially helpful during menstruation or after childbirth by providing a gentle and thorough clean. They help maintain feminine hygiene by cleaning the genital area well.

    Is there a downside to using a bidet?

    The main concern could be if the water pressure is too high or if it's not used correctly, which could cause discomfort or worsen existing conditions. It's advisable to start with a low water pressure and adjust it to what feels comfortable.

    Are bidets really hygienic?

    Yes, bidets use water to clean, which can be more effective in cleaning compared to dry toilet paper.

    Do bidets spread bacteria?

    No, bidets don’t spread bacteria if they are used and maintained properly. Many modern bidets have self-cleaning nozzles to keep them clean.

    Do bidets collect bacteria?

    Like any bathroom fixture, bidets need regular cleaning to stay sanitary. Ensuring the nozzle and other parts of the bidet are cleaned regularly will prevent bacteria buildup.

    Should I use the bidet every time I pee?

    It’s a personal choice. Some people use a bidet after urinating for a fresh feeling, while others use it mainly after a bowel movement.

    Do bidets clean themselves?

    Some bidets have self-cleaning features where they rinse the nozzle before and after use. However, they still need manual cleaning regularly to ensure they stay clean.

    Are built-in bidets sanitary?

    Yes, built-in bidets are designed to be sanitary. They often have features like self-cleaning nozzles and are made from materials that resist bacteria.

    How do I keep my bidet sanitary?

    Regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners and checking for any signs of damage or malfunction will help keep your bidet clean. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions is also important.

    Does a bidet clean completely?

    Bidets do a good job in cleaning, but a light pat dry with toilet paper or a towel afterwards is recommended to ensure you are completely dry and clean.

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