Bumwash Multi-Use Flexible Deluxe Bidet Spray & Hose

Bumwash Multi-Use Flexible Deluxe Bidet Spray & Hose

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Up to 3m area coverage

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Feature and Specifications

Bumwash Multi-Use Flexible Deluxe Bidet Spray & Hose Chrome is the perfect answer when you need those extra intimate bathroom cleaning duties or a quickie water wash in the kitchen or outdoors. Designed for those difficult-to-reach areas, the Bumwash Deluxe Spray Head with flexible hose is the lightweight answer for those that need to feel fully clean after visiting the toilet.

Perfect for All

Whether you need a little help due to injury, or medical reasons, are at a senior age, or are obsessed over your clean bum, the Bumwash Deluxe Bidet Spray set allows a fully hygienic wash that's designed for everyone.  

Key Features:

  • Great for Daily Personal Hygiene leaving you completely clean
  • Lightweight with easy water control for people with limited mobility due to surgery, arthritis, postpartum, or injuries.
  • Gives elderly adults full independence
  • Multiple pressures for variations on cleaning control and is sturdy under high pressure
  • Multifunctional as also can be used for bathroom cleaning, pets, babies, and more
  • Arrives with a wall mount/hanger that can be mounted on the wall or hung off the toilet tank
  • Constructed from an anti-corrosion stainless steel with a stylish brushed metal finish
  • Arrives in stylish chrome finish to fit in with your bathroom design

Multiple Pressure Design

The Bumwash Deluxe stainless steel spray head features an easy push lever water control that allows multiple pressures. Complete cleanliness for after surgery or postpartum when you need a delicate touch. 

Anti-Corrosion Design

The Bumwash Deluxe stainless steel spray head is constructed from anti-corrosive stainless steel for long-lasting durability. 

Flexible Hosing

The Bumwash Deluxe spray head is attached to a stretchable flexible hose, allowing cover distance of up to 3m. The ease of manuverability gives power to you to target hard to reach spots.

Standard Hose Fitting

Fits with all existing hose connections making installation fast and simple. 

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