Bumwash Stainless Steel Bidet Hose

Bumwash Stainless Steel Bidet Hose

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Feature and Specifications

The Bumwash Stainless Steel Bidet Hose is the connecting hose to any standard Bidet Spray Head or the Bumwash Lite Spray Head and the Bumwash Pro Spray Head. Made from a durable steel outer shell, the Bumwash Stainless Steel Bidet hose delivers a secure flow of water to your spray head. More water, cleaner behind.

Durable Designed Hose

With secure connections, the Bumwash Stainless Steel Bidet hose works perfectly with one of the Bumwash hose ends, making intimate bathroom cleaning duties easy and safe. Ideal for the elderly, or those with medical needs and injuries. Lose the toilet roll in seconds.

Key Features:

  • The stainless steel shell offers a long-lasting anti-corrosion hose
  • Inner nylon rubber is designed as an anti-burst inner tube
  • 1.5m long allows plenty of length for easy use
  • Water anti-explosion end connections mean no unforeseen accidents
  • Secure rubber O-ring for the perfect seal
  • Stylish stainless steel, black, or gold finishes matching your bathroom fittings
  • One ½ inch water standard connection and one standard bidet connection

Double Layer Tubing

The Bumwash Stainless Steel Bidet Hose features double-layer tubing that keeps the water flowing and prevents any leaks from landing on your bathroom floor. What's more, the hose has an overall length of 1.5 meters which allows plenty of flexibility for everyday use.

Anti-Corrosion Finish

With a flexible stainless-steel shell, this hose is extremely durable even with consistent daily use. 

Anti-Burst Design

Inside, the Bumwash Stainless Steel Bidet hose lands with a braided nylon rubber anti-burst inner tube, giving you full confidence when using it regularly. 

Anti-Explosion Connections

The hose features anti-explosion connections that prevent any dangerous water leaks or troublesome repairs.

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