Bumwash T-adapter Two Way Divert Shut Off Valve

Bumwash T-adapter Two Way Divert Shut Off Valve


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Feature and Specifications

The Bumwash T-adapter with shut off valve diverts the water to one or more applications in your bathroom also with the option to completely shut off water. Featuring a T-shape with three openings, one inlet, and two outlets. Plus a lever to control the movement of water. Switch between the two outlets and pressure control. 

Multi-Use T-Adapter with Shut Off Valve

Allows you to connect to multiple bathroom applications such as toilets and bidets.

Key Features:

  • The ideal solution for connecting multiple bathroom appliances like bidets and toilets
  • A single lever opens and closes a 180-degree valve offering complete water control
  • Durable brass construction with a stylish chrome finish
  • One Female (Inlet) with Two Male Threads (Outlet)
  • ½ inch water connection to fit all Bumwash products like the Flexi and Standard hoses

Single Lever Design

The single lever design allows you complete control of the water flow. Whether that's switching between the two outlets or shutting off water, it's the perfect solution to fit with all your other Bumwash Sprays and hoses. If the water is a little abrasive you can calm it down with the Bumwash T-adapter with valve.

Durable Brass Construction

The Bumwash T-adapter with valve is made from solid brass that is durable even with frequent use. 

Modern Bathroom Design

It arrives in a neat and ultra-modern chrome finish that fits in with all bathroom furniture and design.  

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