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At Bumwash, we're not just passionate about revolutionising your bathroom experience – we're dedicated to hearing how it's changed your life.

That's why we're thrilled to introduce the Bumwash Review & Reward Circle.

It's your chance to share your Bumwash experience and enjoy a whopping 50% cashback on your purchase.

How It Works

Be Selected!

Stay alert! We randomly pick eligible customers based on website visits and other factors. If you're chosen, you will see a special invitation enrolment form on the product page. Be vigilant, it may not appear again!

Write Your Review

Purchased a Bumwash product recently? Tell us about your experience! Whether it's the comfort, the cleanliness, or the eco-friendly aspect that won you over, we want to hear it all.

Claim Your Reward

After submitting your review, reach out to us. We'll guide you through the simple process to claim your 50% cashback.

Why Participate?

Your Voice Matters

Your insights help us and others make informed choices.

Big Savings

Enjoy a substantial cashback as our thank you.

Exclusive Opportunity

Only a selected few are invited, making your contribution even more special.

Ready to Share Your Story?

If you've been selected, don't wait!

Dive into the Bumwash Review & Reward Circle Program today. It's your feedback that shapes the future of bathroom experiences.

Share your review and enjoy your well-deserved reward!

Small Note For You

Cashback is awarded on the retail price of the eligible product, excluding shipping. If multiple products were purchased, only one product will be eligible for cashback.

Refunds are not eligible for products with cashback promotions.

To receive your cashback, contact Bumwash Customer Service or Bumwash socials after submitting your review. We're here to ensure your experience is as seamless as your transitions from toilet paper to Bumwash!


Our team is just an email or direct message away. Contact us for more information about the Bumwash Review & Reward Circle.

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